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Children's Dental Services in Whitehorse

It is important to educate children about their oral health at an early age. At Dandelion Dental, our friendly Whitehorse dentists and hygienists will help get your child on the path to good life-long oral health.

Kids come first at Dandelion Dental!

It is important to start thinking about the oral health of your children as early as 3 years of age. The team at Dandelion Dental loves working with children. Our clinic offers a friendly, fun and social atmosphere to help make your child's appointment a positive experience.

At Dandelion Dental, we will educate you on your child's dental health, and teach you the best way to communicate the importance of dental hygiene to your kids. 

Children's Dental Services, Whitehorse Dentist

Monitoring Growth

By continuously tracking growth and development, we are able to help anticipate dental issues and may intervene before they worsen. Working towards earlier corrective treatment can help to foster a positive self-image.


Our team will help educate you to establish healthy eating and oral care habits early in your child's life to reduce the chance of later tooth decay.  

Along with regular check ups and cleanings, we offer dental sealant and fluoride services for young teeth and will demonstrate the best practices for brushing and flossing.


We offer malocclusion services for a bad bite and grinding prevention tools, such as fitted space maintainers or a nighttime mouth guard. 

Take pride in your smile. Your friendly Whitehorse dentist is waiting to meet you today!

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