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Anxious Patients

At Dandelion Dental in Whitehorse, we know that for some of our patients, a visit to the dentist can cause anxiety.

Why do some people have anxiety about the dentist?

For some people, anxiety is caused by the thought of an injection, or even post-operative discomfort. Our team is here to listen to your concerns, and help guide you through your appointment.

We want each of our patients to feel relaxed during their appointments, and to and actually look forward to them!

Are you unsure about the procedure?

Bad experiences can stay with us a long time. Simply entering a dental office can cause anxiety for certain patients.

Just let our team know if you've ever had a bad experience, because it is our job to make you feel comfortable and secure in our space.

Are you ready?

We start when you are ready to begin and we can slowly walk you through the procedure. If at any time you need to stop, you can raise your hand and we will wait until you are ready again.

Many patients have a fear of needles. Remember that not all dental procedures require injections.

Even when an injection is necessary to eliminate discomfort, we apply a topical treatment to the gums which numbs the area. No need to be anxious!

We want to help put your fears to rest. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you feel more comfortable at your next dental appointment.

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